Ben son ben son Beatrice (1988)

I Cried Out

Let’s Talk About Love

Square Dance Candlelight

I am, I am Indeed Beatrice

Via Dolorosa

Neverland (1989)

Whose Hands are These?

Sweet Ally

One Day the Passion

Gypsy Street Legacy

Speak Soft

Spectacular Illusions

(Unreleased Posthumous Album 1991)

The Ghost of Berlin Bob

Peasants Parade

Seriously Sonny

Sleep Little Stash (Old Woman Willow)

Dixon Berkman’s Tale

Seven Daughters


Myrtle Tree Lady

The Tea of China

East of the Sun

Glory Lights

(Unreleased Live Bootleg from 1989)

Whose Hands are These?

Let’s Talk About Love

Thompson’s Confusion

One Day the Passion

Crack Up

Things to do and see in the Summertime

Gypsy Street Legacy

First and Foremost Sam

Eerie Canal

Hole to China

Prince of Peace


Via Dolorosa


Restricted Access Garage Band Demos (1986-1988)

Burning and Burn

Down at the Church

The Windless Night


Red Stain Park


Lord’s Prayer

Sweet, Sweet Heaven

Drums in the Street

Lost and Forgotten Songs

Arms of Plenty


Happy Indeed

Keep the Howling In


Poems on the Roof

Pride of Lions Drive of Dragons

Rock Song

She Comes Back

Sister Mary Francis

Sometimes the Frost

Straw House

The Tenth of May

When Things Go Well

When You Lose Someone

Wishing Ring

About 200 more forgotten riffs